2020-21 Varsity Schedule

 Tuesday, Dec. 22            vs Graham                64-77     L
 Wednesday, Dec. 30     at Floyd County      53-51    W
 Thursday, Jan. 7              at Lord Botetourt   57-66    L
 Wednesday, Jan. 13       vs Carroll County   74-50   W
 Friday, Jan. 15                  vs Lord Botetourt  58-77    L
 Saturday, Jan. 16             at Radford                 17-54    L
 Monday, Jan. 18               vs Floyd County     64-70    L
 Thursday, Jan. 21            at Graham                 56-62    L
 Monday, Jan. 25               at Salem                     53-45   W
 Tuesday, Jan. 26              vs Radford                54-76    L
 Wednesday, Jan. 27       vs Patrick Henry     34-69    L
 Friday, Jan. 29                  at Carroll County    68-38   W
 Wednesday, Feb. 4          vs Salem                    62-52   W
 Friday, Feb. 5                     at Patrick Henry     46-70    L

 Wednesday, Feb. 10      vs Halifax County    69-75   L
                                                                                       (5 OT)
Regular Season Record: 5-9
Final Record: 5-10


2020-21 Varsity Cougar Basketball

2020-21 JV Cougar Basketball

2020-21 JV Schedule

 Tuesday, Dec. 22               vs Graham               38-54   L
 Wednesday, Dec. 30        at Floyd County     43-35  W
 Thursday, Jan. 7                 at Lord Botetourt  30-45   L
 Friday, Jan. 15                    vs Lord Botetourt  42-47   L
 Saturday, Jan. 16               at Radford                 28-45   L
 Monday, Jan. 18                 vs Floyd County      63-54  W
 Thursday, Jan. 21              at Graham                   34-32  W
 Monday, Jan. 25                 at Salem                      38-31  W
 Tuesday, Jan. 26                vs Radford                 42-45   L
 Wednesday, Jan. 27          vs Patrick Henry                    L
 Friday, Jan 29                      at Carroll County    42-49   L
 Friday, Feb. 5                       at Patrick Henry      33-57   L 
  Final Record:  4-8

2020-21 Cougar Basketball Coaching Staff

We are beginning to compile the history of the Cougar basketball program. When you click the link below it will take you to the page where we will store all of the season records, championships and other historical information about the program. If you have information to help fill in the blanks, please email david@southwesttimes.com. This is a work in progress, so please be patient as we work to gather all the information we need.